The Nountaineer

Written within my posts and pages , you will find a very candid  purpose for sharing my plans and passions that include my Very Unusual Past that serves to shape all that is in me! I hope that my methods that I use will cause  you to take the time to carefully reflect on the meaning behind that which I have written. I am not very experienced at writing and have started relatively late in life so I ask you to have patience with me and look closely enough to truly glean the truths that I am striving to not only share with you but to actually teach you. Those truths that may be difficult at first to comprehend, in time may bring timeless understanding that can change your life for Eternity!!! Therefore I ask you to ponder on the inner meaning and even be curious and bold enough to actually “ask me” to help you to understand. The passions that empower my answers may even lead you to “Eternal Life”!

My past is represented by great pain, deprivation, all sorts of hardship and in the end, I have become stronger and better prepared for the trials that stand before me. I would not wish that which I have been through on an enemy yet it has served a purpose. I am not sure that I will ever be able   in this life to truly understand the purpose that God has in mind for all that I have been exposed to. I have shared in my writings things that I can not personally talk about with most people so this venue has given to me an opportunity to share things that I have had to keep to myself for decades. If even one person is directed to the knowledge that is necessary for “saving faith” then I must conclude that my sacrifices have had a purpose, a very important purpose!