Interstitial Cystitis is a non-bacterial disorder of the bladder that affects both men and women, and women in particular. I, as a man, have suffered with this disorder since April of 2006, when my bladder failed to heal, or so I thought.  Bladder Cancer surgery and the onset of IC occurred at about the same time. After a year of suffering with bladder pain and only being able to sleep for 45 minutes at a time, my urologist gave me a pamphlet about this and sure enough, I had most of the listed symptoms. It took another 6 months to get my insurance to pay for the only medication available for this, because it is so very expensive.

There is a non-profit organization that is named after this disorder. They have become entangled with one or more left leaning political organizations, therefore I hesitate to even mention their name. They, as well as most other groups claim  that they do not know what it is exactly, or what causes it.  I contacted them once offering an explanation of the circumstances that seem to cause Interstitial Cystitis, but they did not respond.

It is relatively well-known in the medical profession now, that altering a womans hormones can cause problems and can promote one or more types of cancer, as I understand it. I have discerned through my own circumstances and research that hormone altering drugs are indeed the greatest contributing factor, if not the actual cause of this disease. I had been given “Proscar” for 11 of the 12 months that were recommended by the manufacturer. “Finisteride”, which is the active ingredient  in both Proscar and Propecia, appears to be the most  dangerous  ingredient in both drugs. Before the discovery of the bladder cancer, I had been off of that drug for about 4 or 5 months when the tumor was discovered in my bladder. Proscar is for “enlarged prostate” and causes changes in the male hormone called “Testosterone” and is the primary cause of  my particular case of this disease, according to all of my research.

I would now like to warn everyone, men and women alike, to stay away from ALL “hormone altering drugs”, including Proscar and Propecia, as well as the other brands of prostate shrinking drugs! Our bodies are designed to work with the help of hormones and the drug companies do not do enough research and animal testing before they push the FDA to approve these,  as well as other potentially dangerous drugs, in my opinion. I just spoke to a nurse at a local hospital who also has this disease and was on birth control pills for years before discovering her condition. Birth control pills are big business for the drug companies, making them very rich, as well as the other hormone altering drugs since the guidelines were relaxed. This is especially true, since I learned that the FDA,  reduced the restrictions and the amount of Human testing that they had previously required. The “Drug Companies” will not admit that their products may or actually do cause harm! This is No surprise to me. I am living proof of this!  I have been injured for LIFE!

Updated information, as of about June of 2012:  There is now a sizable class action lawsuit against “Merck”,  for both drugs.  A  search should produce for you much of this information, especially after this “Class Action”  lawsuit has been adjudicated or settled, if that is possible. As far as my ability to participate in this, I have been informed that for the original lawsuit, I am probably  too old! I am almost 60 years old and am not very likely to be selected as a participant for that reason. and at this time. The “Law Firms” want an easy case, which means that men that are much younger than I am, are the best candidates, in their opinion!  I have not given-up hope for my situation, mainly since it is apparently the first suit against “Merck”, concerning  these two drugs.

If you have loved ones or male friends that you care about then please inform them about this class action lawsuit, and “Inform Them”, whether male or female, because the suffering that this “IC” causes, can and is quite disabling and you can possibly help them or yourself  avoid this suffering, if they are well-informed on this as well as other similar situations that are likely caused by “Dangerous Drugs”.

Please comment or contact me if you can provide additional facts or other information concerning this situation! It is very important. I would really appreciate it!  Thanks, in advance, for any assistance on this.

The Nountaineer