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I first want to thank  Athenenoelle for following  “TheNountaineer” and giving me the boost that I needed to start writing again. It has been a long time. I hope that this is not too deep for my readers, for it is the revelation of great evil in our midst! This is something that is very necessary to know about, if not now then soon, it will reveal itself’.


I have chosen to write about this difficult topic because my own deceased father was a “Free Mason” and I owe it to his memory to divulge what I have learned since his death. I have known for a very long time that my father was a Free Mason but I never brought up the subject while he was alive. I first saw his “Masonic ring” when I was just a little taller than the night-stand that had the ring sitting on it in an open ring box. I must have been three or four years old. I did not touch it even though I was always curious about new things that I encountered in life. I saw the Masonic ring on the right hand of an elderly man that had a vision about me when I was thirty years old. That 3 part story can be read at: . That occasion has led me to where I am today. It appears that God has been preparing me for a great spiritual battle, the battle of a lifetime!


I believe with all of my soul that we are in what is known as “the last days”, as was referred to in the Bible. If you do not have a copy of the Bible then I urge you to get yourself a copy and start studying it as soon as you can. I have been studying it for nearly 25 years and know that it is “The Word of God”. It contains all that a person needs to know to receive eternal life. This life is full of disappointments and struggles that range from minimal to severe for many of us, and I am included. The Bible tells the world how God created all that we see and very much that we do not see including angels and cherubim. I have seen demons when I was in my twenties. I even saw Satan, who appeared in front of me when I was 18 years old. My 15 year old sister was sitting across the room when it happened and she is a witness. When it ended, I looked over at her and she had a look of horror on her face. It was not until 2009 that she finally confirmed that she had also seen the same thing as I had seen. This was proof that the Bible is accurate and true.


I lived in the national forest for the first ten years after moving to this area of S.E. Arizona in January of 1987. Those years were very difficult and  they included interactions with human smugglers as well as drug smugglers. When I was in town looking for work, the illegals would break-in to my small travel trailer and steal all that they could steal. There were times when I returned to find that they had stolen more than I was able to obtain through my trip into town. This was a form of Satanic attack, though it would be years later that I would recognize that I was truly in the spiritual battle of a lifetime.


It was about 15 years after moving into town that I learned about the large number of “Free Masons” living in this small town. I had experienced more trouble in this town than any other place that I had ever lived in previously. I had been befriended by a man who was previously associated with the Chicago crime families before he moved back to this town from Alaska, where he had operated a placer gold mining suction dredge which was very profitable. I learned, sometime later, that this man was providing information about me to a very wicked owner of the ranch that had the grazing rights in the portion of the national forest where I had lived on my mining claim. During the 15 years, I was shot at twice while prospecting in a different  section of national forest that was only a few miles from town. I knew who it was who shot at me and I did not reveal to them that I knew who did it. One of these people ate lunch at the senior center where I also ate lunch. I was allowed to eat there even though I was not old enough because I was legally disabled and was receiving money from Social Security. It was this income that enabled me to move into town and to eventually rent a place of my own. It was this man who revealed that he was a “Free Mason” and when I revealed that my father had been a Mason he tried on a couple of occasions to get me to become a Free Mason. I told him that I was never a “joiner” and was not interested. He eventually decided to show his true self by threatening me with great bodily harm at the Senior Center and he harassed me for the next 6 months. He wanted to run me off but he was not aware of my strong faith and my lack of fear concerning these things.


I drove 1500 miles to witness to my father before he died because I was concerned about his alcoholism and the fact that he was also a womanizer and I wanted to take him on a vacation and hopefully wake him up to his need for salvation through the shed blood of Christ Jesus who is the “Son of God”. That was not how it turned out. I soon realized that he was not interested in reconciling with me or The Lord God! He eventually ordered me off of his property, but not before The Holy Spirit of Christ revealed to me that my father was “possessed by Satan”. I did not want to believe that my father was possessed so I tried to shake off this thought but it came back so strong that I had to accept it as factual. I then said to my father “you are possessed by Satan” and I started to slowly walk toward him and he then started walking backwards away from me until he was up against the fence between his property and the neighbors property. I did not know how he became possessed until I had been  living in this small town in Arizona for about 17 years. I had found a radio program on the Internet that offered an alternative world view by a retired orthopedic surgeon in California. This person was also a Christian and did 5 hours of “talk radio” each week day and he had a different guest for each one hour program. It was through this Godly man’s radio program that I started to learn about Free Masonry and eventually learned how my father and all Free Masons become demon possessed and by default are “possessed by Satan”. It was one of this retired surgeon’s guests that revealed this important information to me about Free Masonry. It was the author of “Free Masonry, Deadly From The First Degree” that wrote about how it was when a man first joined Free Masonry that they become demon possessed. It was revealed that this “first degree” ritualistic ceremony was actually a wedding ceremony with”Baal”, who was a false god worshiped by the inhabitants of “the promised land” that the Hebrew people eventually conquered after being led out of slavery in Egypt. After this ceremony, the new member went home with their first demon, even though they were not aware of what had just happened to them. There are two levels of activity in Free Masonry and only some of the members are introduced to the spiritual level or are actually made  aware of the Satanic nature of this wicked secret organization. It is during the 30th degree ceremony that they swear with a sword in their hands to fight to destroy Christianity!


This is part one and it is my desire to continue this revelation about Free Masonry in one or more blog posts that I intend to publish at a later time. There are other similar posts availably at .




How are your thoughts about God shaping your outlook on everything else in life?  The image that we have in our  minds about our Creator does indeed impact our viewpoint concerning people as well as God’s universe and all that is in it. This includes our faith, God’s will, sin, and our willingness to obey that which is written in God’s Word. Psalm 139 deals with some of the aspects of God’s ways and how He would direct our path in life. Recommended reading: Psalm 139 through 150.

This brief post was inspired by Koinonia House eNews, for the week of March 29, 2011

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The Nountaineer

In a certain sense, we are given choices that determine our eternal course in this life. Jesus described these choices as between two paths that take us through either a “straight and narrow gate” or a “wide path” that leads to eternal destruction, and many go therein. This is to many today somewhat of a simplified set of choices that seem to be somewhat outdated or even unrealistic. I can assure you, that to those of you who  doubt that life can be so simple as having these two decisions but it is as true today as it was in Jesus day! We can make the decision to reject the God of the Bible and live that very Godless life which consists of self-gratification and basic selfishness. These people try to do good things to try to satisfy their conscience and do it in the sight of others so that those acquaintances or so-called friends will think well of them but they are still empty inside afterwords when all is said and done, but they never really find true satisfaction!

It is only when these people give up their efforts to find satisfaction in anything other than God Himself! They must fill that empty spot in their soul, that God shaped void that only God can fill and then and only then will they start to find true peace and fulfillment. This is the straight and narrow gate that leads to eternal life! It is a narrow path because our choices are limited yet well-defined by the maker of all things and He and only He has the right to say what is good in His eyes and we must obey. The thing to remember is that God truly loves us and only wants that which is best for us so we must give our will to him and simply “Trust”. Since He created us then he absolutely knows what is best! So then, will you surrender your choices to his guidance and simply trust Him? The narrow path is the best path for both you and I! Jesus said to His disciples “Follow Me” and we must do the same. I have chosen to follow Him and my life has not been the same! I gave Him the title-deed to my life which he already owned but since he has given us free will, we must make the decision to allow Him to take control of our lives and He will do that which is best for our lives since He knows the future!

Will you consider how well you have done, with you in control of your life? Now consider that the Creator of the universe knows how to do it better, much better! Give Him  a chance before it is too late! Our days are numbered and He is the only one who knows how much longer we have to make that very important decision and we do not! Once we die, then our last chance is gone for ever! We are given plenty of evidence in the creation itself to know that He exists. The knowledge of him is built into us but sometime during childhood, our society manages to put enough doubt into us to cause us to procrastinate  and try to manage our lives ourselves. Later we die without making that very important decision and then you are without hope because your life is gone for ever! Please consider that “Straight and Narrow Gate”, while you still can! We have a God-given purpose, try to find it! This is based on a passage in Matthew Chapter 7 verse 13.